Hoi An, Vietnam 2015

Hoi An, Vietnam 2015

Gwenn Rosseau

My life has been filled playing many roles - curious student, dedicated financial dweeb climbing the corporate ladder, mom to two smart, beautiful daughters, finder of lost toys, chauffeur, arbitrator, sometimes lunatic advisor, bad cook, fixer of broken flotsam & jetsam, proud business owner, interior design maven, and VP Finance at the wonderful Birmingham Bloomfield Art Center.  

There are two passions that are essential to who I am - travel and art. My love of travel is from my parents, to whom I am forever grateful. They twice piled all of us kids into the back of their 1973 Mercury Marquis land yacht, (copper colored, with a vinyl top), and drove across the country, visiting National Parks and other fascinating places along the way. They are my best childhood memories - I always wanted to lead the pack, choose the path, see what was around the next corner. My dad used to call me "Gunnery Sergeant", because I was always marching ahead. I still feel this need to explore new places, marching ahead to make my own path. My love of art is a simpler story, it was kindled in high school by an inspirational teacher, and set aflame by the many art history courses in college.  

Photography is my way of melding these two passions - travel and art. I hope you enjoy seeing a little slice of where I've been. 

Yes, I'd be happy to give you a quote for any type of commercial work - products, food, events or whatever; or for portraits - Seniors, engagements, kids.


gwennrosseau@gmail.com (248)561-2644